Just a couple of days ago we informed you that the famous navigation software iGo was getting ready to hit the iPhone, after TomTom and Navigon have already announced similar launches on the 3GS.


We’ve just come across a pretty neat Hungarian blog, Sancho’s blog that includes hands on experiences, videos and photos of the beta version of iGo My Way for iPhone, version Amigo.


We learn that the price of the new app will be slightly higher than the one of the Navigon software, $75 for iGo My Way, probably because of the maps bundled with it. Sadly, in spite of all these tests and hands on videos, the OpenGL capabilities were not demonstrated and bugs are still present, like the one that makes the GPS signal disappear in some places.


The Hungarian blogger mentioned above managed to test the software and there’s even a video to prove it, available below. We found out that the iPhone will be running the Amigo iGO version and that the software will be based on the full package of Tele Atlas maps, more evolved than the ones used by Navigon and provided by Navteq.

A future iGO version will use an information flow, available via 3G signal and providing traffic and weather info. We’re pretty sure that no other product will be able to rival iGO My Way, at least in Europe, while in the US, TomTom will be the only worthy opponent.

[via sanchoblogja.blogspot.com]

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