It is one of the most expected devices and its only days away till the official announcement. Apple has sent invitations for their special event held in San Francisco on 12th of this month (September). The press image shows the date but we can clearly notice the number 5 in the shadow of the numbers (see image bellow).


iphone_2012_media_invite claim to have a first image showing the upcoming Apple smartphone. According to them and as you can tell from the picture, the new dvice will be called the “new iPhone”, just like they did with the iPad (3). This claim comes with a question mark. Why the five on the Apple media invite if they are going to call it the “new iPhone”? The next iPhone is actually the sixth generation so there would be now reason for Apple to include a 5 unless they decided to call it iPhone 5 or they are just teasing it without any relation to the actual naming. On the other hand, it would be in line with Apple’s strategy for its other products, such as MacBook’s. There is no MacBook 3 or something but you just “the new MacBook”.

The surfaced photo was taken in the Asian printing where they spot boxes for the new iPhone to print them for packing and shipping. This picture shows a worker displaying an images of what appears to be the new iPhone (5). I guess we’ll find out in just a few days on September 12th.



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