If you’re a movie freak and you need the latest info regarding box office hits, actors and TV shows, then you must be an avid IMDb user. Now, the service is available on mobile as well, thanks to Blade0rz’s initiative. The XDA-developers member launched the IMDb Mobile app, in the beta v0.45 version and you can see it in action in the video below:


The app can be downloaded from here and, since this is a beta, all feedback and bug reports are welcome. In order to run this software, you’ll need .NET Framework 3.5 and if you’re wondering about the app’s feats, know that it allows the users to search for movies, TV shows, actors and videogames and that it comes with a finger-friendly interface.

It also shows DVD covers, actor headshots, trivia, quotes, photos, a top 250 film list, a coming soon list, trailers and goofs.

[via pocketnow]

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