Inventec showcased their new V112 smartphone at CTIA 2009, but sadly their prototype didn’t work as planned, be it because of the battery, the classic showcasing issues or simply bad luck. The handset was shown at Qualcomm’s CTIA booth and it featured the mirasol display technology.



This tech has been researched for the past years and you should know that the main appeal of V112 is the super high contrast of the screen, that makes the backlight useless, where some LCDs would need help. The Inventec phone is a Windows Mobile device that features a small mirasol strip as a secondary display and surrounding it you’ll find navigational controls.

The mirasol display shows basic status information and the current time, eliminating the need of turning on the phone’s LCD and saving battery. Let’s see this becoming commercially viable…


[via Engadget]

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