The iPad 2 is once again on our radar, thanks to some rumors pointing towards its debut in January 2011. It’s supposed to feature a new screen, based on a new technology and a lighter design. Apple will announce a bunch of new products in Q1 2011, that also include a new MacBook and Final Cut version.


Back to the next-gen iPad, the slate is supposed to feature both a front and rear camera and upgraded specs, compared to the first unit. Some say its display size will be smaller, but that’s yet to be confirmed. This January announcement will be followed by the new MacBook Pro debuting in April and switching to SSD storage (512GB), while giving up the optical drive.

Final Cut Pro ends the list, being unveiled in Q1, too. Take this info with a grain of salt for now, although Steve Jobs recommended we stay tuned and buckle up for innovation in 2011.

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