One of Crackberry’s editors managed to test the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm simultaneously in order to decide which handset’s browser wins the technological duel. It was a quick test, done in 20 minutes at the LaGuardia airport. Who won? Let’s say that the newcomer had a slight handicap and still won…


During the test, the editor visited 4 sites:,, and You should know that the iPhone 3G has JavaScript enabled by default, while Storm doesn’t support this technology, but it can be enabled from its settings. RIM is still working on this aspect, so this is the handicap I was talking about. was the only visited site that had JavaScript support enabled on both devices, as for the rest 3 sites, Storm worked without JS. Skipping directly to the conclusions, BlackBerry Storm won the duel, loading ArsTechnica, CrackBerry and faster than the iPhone 3G.

The latter even crashed while loading WSJ and CrackBerry, but it won the loading time duel.

[via CrackBerry]

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