iPhone 3GS turned out to be an incredible hit in the first weekend after its launch, selling more units than its predecessor, the iPhone 3G. Experts expect to see 50% more iPhone 3GS units sold in comparison the 2008 version of the iPhone.


In the UK, there were 10 times more customers in local shops selling the new iPhone in the last days, when compared to a normal work day and the online sites selling the handset got a 150% increase in traffic. What does this mean? The new iPhone seems to be a hit and stocks are getting close to depletion, but have no fear, as restocking is done as we speak.

Right now, the black iPhone 3GS is outselling the white one by 3:1 and we found out that over half of the 3GS buyers have already installed the iPhone OS 3.0, available from June 17 and downloaded via iTunes.

[via mobileburn]