The folks of technobuffalo have decided to put the iPhone 3GS to the test and compared it to BlackBerry Storm 2, in a video experience available below. This comparison focuses on scrolling, browser quality, cut/copy/paste features and keyboards on these two smartphones:

If you’re looking for a more detailed comparison, know that BlackBerry Storm 2 now comes with a really responsive user interface, unlike the first Storm, that had issues and couldn’t quite compete with the iPhone 3G. The improved SurePress delivers and other advantages of the handset are its 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, removable battery and a memory card slot… Does the iPhone 3GS have these?

On the other hand, does the Storm 2 have tons of fun apps to play with? It should also be mentioned that security on the new BlackBerry device is better, device troubleshooting is much easier and the battery life is longer. The real question is “is Storm 2 considered poorer than the 3GS simply because it lacks the apps, iTunes and community support?”

[via dailymobile]