The folks of CNET have done a pretty interesting comparison between the iPhone 3GS, the 3G version and Palm Pre, as far as speed is concerned. It includes 3 phases: a start up speed test, a browsing speed test and a “real world” test, so here’s the video you’ve been waiting for:

The power up test is clearly won by the iPhone 3GS, that only takes 19 seconds to start up, followed by the iPhone 3G with almost double the time and the Palm Pre with a huge waiting time of almost two minutes.

Then, the web browsing test showed the quality of Palm Pre, that loaded the web page by using a 3G connection and won the competition, followed by the iPhone 3GS, also on 3G and iPhone 3G, on EDGE. The last test is the “real world” one and it involves taking a picture and sending it to one of the contacts.

Once again Palm Pre got the upper hand and the iPhone 3GS finished second and last, as the iPhone 3G was not involved in the competition, since it only supported EDGE at the time and place the devices were tested. So, turns out that Palm Pre is the big winner, in spite of a very slow start.

[via dailymobile]