A Common Sense Media study has recently shown that plagiarism, data storage and leaked exam answers are very common today, specially thanks to the technological advances. Copying answers from a mobile device has become an aspect of modern schooling, rather than an ethics problem. Taking a difficult and important upcoming exam can be very difficult most especially when one is unprepared. With the internet, there are online resources like ExamGenius now which can help guide you through the process of developing a study guide or strategy.



Now teens have the power to cheat anonymously and text each other answers, use notes stored on their devices and even check out the Internet for some science papers. The above-mentioned study has shown that 41% of teens say that storing notes on a phone and accessing them during tests is wrong, while 23% seem to think that this can’t be called cheating.

45% of those questioned claim that texting class mates for answers is an offence, but 20% seem to be OK with it. Also, 76% of parents are sure that cellphone cheating happens at their offsprings’ school and only 3% think otherwise. Last, we learn some crazy statistics: two thirds of students use phones during school and teens send an average of 440 texts a week, 110 of them while in classroom.

[via mobilewhack]

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