After seeing the iPhone 3GS go head to head with its predecessor, the iPhone 3G, it’s time for another showdown, against Nokia N97. The iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97’s browsers get tested, in order to see which is faster and performs better, on certain websites:


We learn that the N97 is a GSM unlocked phone, that can work on AT&T, O2, T-Mobile or any other carrier out there, while the iPhone 3GS is locked on the US network AT&T. The problem with Nokia’s smartphone is that it costs around $700, since it isn’t subsidized, but some folks like their devices unlocked.

The reviewer uses WiFi for the browser test, on both handsets and the first site to be loaded is the one of NY Times. The iPhone 3GS wins this first battle, although it loads the page just a few seconds later than the N97, because Apple’s handset is able to display the website’s full version, not the mobile one like N97. is up next, loaded quickly on both phones, in its mobile version. However, when you load the desktop version of the site on the iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97, the first handset displays it faster, while Nokia’s phone is still loading. The last test sees the devices accessing the reviewer’s YouTube profile, that displays immediately, in the mobile version.

However, the desktop version reveals the iPhone 3GS’ main problem: it can’t play Flash content in the web browser. Well, the N97 may win this last round and it may have a neat zooming mechanism, but the iPhone 3GS is the real winner of the duel, providing a neat browsing experience.


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