After announcing the release of the freshest version of Firefox Mobile aka Fennec Alpha 2, it’s time for a Pocketnow video walkthrough, showing the browser’s features in action. The interface hasn’t changed much, but the software is faster and more stable, specially when compared to the first alpha version.


You can download Fennec Alpha 2 from here, for free and you should know that the tabs are basically the same and for now the browser can only load the mobile pages. We can get a taste of YouTube, but only via a Media Player and then we check out the Settings and get disappointed by the fact that no plugins are available, yet.

Recent downloads are available, JavaScript is supported, the browsing history is easy to clear and everything loads in a giffy, since the WiFi connection used by Pocketnow is speedy enough. Yahoo looks fairly nice on Fennec Alpha, as well as the virtual keypad on the lower side of the screen.

[via wmpoweruser]

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