Apple’s iPhone 4S is a sought after item all over the world, but in China it has yet to be launched, so it’s coming on January 13, together with a debut in 21 other countries. The locals must not fear the dreaded Friday 13th launch date, so they let the iPhone 4S be launched on that day.


This fifth gen iPhone has been a best seller for the company, both as Steve Jobs’ swan song and as the first dual core handset from Apple and probably the most potent cameraphone out there. The phone will be launched in countries such as Bolivia, the Cayman Islands and Botswana, as well as a couple more locations. Apple didn’t provide exact launch prices for each country, but instead listed the US pricing only, so we have no idea how much money the people who just received the 4S will have to spend.

What’s to remember here is the excitement of Apple when entering the Chinese market with this new iPhone. Customers response is quoted as off the charts, by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who made a statement on this debut this week. This Chinese launch takes the iPhone 4S to a total of 90 countries and counting, making this handset the fastest rollout ever.

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