We’ve seen many aspects of the iPhone 5 so far, including the case design, front panel, connector and more. Now it’s time to check out that nano SIM tray and the Home button, that were recently published by a source in China. So, it’s actually true that Apple might switch to nano SIM instead of micro SIM…


The authorities in the telecom field have apparently selected Apple’s new design for the SIM card and I say apparently, since there were several few other proposals of designs. Reports say that European carriers are stocking on new SIMs, preparing for the next gen iPhone launch. You can also see here a smaller home button, that fits some other previous leaks and rumors. This tray is designed to slip into the SIM card slot of the iPhone 5 and confirms the adoption of the new standard.

I guess that the new iPhone will be more about new minor features and less about big ones. One of the minor features included here is the new SIM card, but we also get a new dock connector, so yet another standard is changed. What else will they change?

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