We get a good today that there’s a new iPhone coming, as Walmart takes down the prices of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. The latter goes to $39, while the former hits $129. Retailers will usually resort to discounts when they’re weeks away from the launch, that makes us really interested.



Of course, the prices mentioned above are applied to 2 year contracts, as you may have already figured out. It appears that the cheapest way to get an iPhone in the States right now is Walmart, after this discount, but I expect rival retail chains and even carriers to push the bar even lower. It may also be done to test the waters and see what price ranges the public responds to.

If they react well to $129, then maybe there’s room for that budget iPhone after all, maybe even off contract with a similar price. I’ll remind that this fall is rumored to bring us both a high power iPhone 5S and a budget unit, with a plasticky case.

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