It’s the iPhone 5 week that’s just started and it brings a lot of leaks, I’m sure of that. The latest of them shows the iPhone 5 internals again, this time dismissing the rumors about the NFC chip inside the handset. Let me remind you that the new Apple phone is launching on September 12th and the wait and rumor mill will be over then.


NFC is a feature that has become a standard on modern devices, so it’s expected on the new iPhone as well. Recently surfaced photos of the iPhone 5 internals showed a mysterious square cover, that was rumored to host the NFC chip. However the guys of SonnyDickson have come up with extra info and photos, showing that under the black cover there’s actually no NFC chip. That metal bracket is only used to hold the front facing Facetime camera, proximity sensor and earpiece speaker.

So, one more rumor is down, but I still believe the NFC chip could be hidden somewhere else under the hood. People were also speculating about a fingerprint sensor, but how useful is that on an iPhone? People barely use that on laptops, let alone handsets…

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