After seeing last week some minor components belonging to iPhone 5S, today’s leak has to do with bigger parts. As you can see this time it’s the display assembly that’s leaked, plus a big part of the logic board.


iphone 5s display

The images show that on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S there’s a pair of connectors on flex cables, placed right at the top of the logic board, that supports display and includes the digitizer, registering input. The iPhone 5S board includes one connecter that’s oriented vertically, while the other is oriented horizontally.

Meanwhile, on the iPhone 5 logic board, both the connectors are oriented horizontally. The layout of the iPhone 5S is expected to be largerly similar to the iPhone 5’s, but as far as the internals go, there are a lot of changes. We expect the iPhone 5S to drop in September and its biggest change will probably be the new camera, if rumors are true.

iphone 5s board

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