I’m sure you know by now that there’s an avalanche of leaks regarding the iPhone 6, most of them based on dummy units leaked online. Well, today we learn that these leaks may not be 100% accurate and the real model may be a bit different.


The mockups available in the blogosphere may not be totally accurate, since they are made of plastic after all and sometimes they’re even incomplete. Nikkei’s sources have recently detailed this matter, saying that the mockups only give a rough idea of the final product. They do have a low quality as far as build goes, since the Home button doesn’t always fit perfectly and sometimes leaves a gap, so the screen doesn’t seamlessly transition into the aluminum area.

The iPhone 6 may arrive in the end with a curved display and it will fit perfectly into the aluminum shell. We did hear some rumors about a curved iPhone 6 screen a while back, but sources have been quiet since then. Older mockups did hint at the theory, but without a proper dummy unit to confirm it. The white stripes on the back panel of the mockups are also said not to be part of the finalized design. They only mark the area where the panel “breaks” into different zones like the iPhone 5s.


Via gforgames