After a week of rumors related to Apple’s future iPhones and the technology they will use, today we come across the very first photo leak of the iPhone 6C. We get to see the rear casing of the device, in red.



It’s compared to the iPhone 5C design in a series of shots, that show the design hasn’t changed hugely. At first sight one would mistake the iPhone 6C for a 5C, but a closer inspection reveals that the flash hole is different. On the iPhone 5C said hole has a round shape, while on the 6C it adopts an oval shape, much like on the iPhone 5S.

A clearer difference is shown at the bottom, where the iPhone 5C only has one set of speaker holes and the 6C has two. Last we heard, this model was coming with a 4 inch screen, fingerprint scanner, improved CPU, better camera and lower price than the 5C, at around $400 or $500 this time.




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