If you’re looking for the next generation of iPhones, all we can show you for now is the next generation of iPhone mockups. Dubbed the iPhone Air, the handset shown in the image below is a very thin clone of the phone made by Apple, but lacking most of its functions.


The original iPhone is 12.3mm thick in case you didn’t know, but the Air is able to reach a stunning 8.5mm and it even comes with a user interface ripped from the original model. Trademark infringement shouldn’t be an issue, since this is China we’re talking about. iPhone Air also comes with WiFi and EDGE, but we’re sure that it lacks the App Store support and much more.

Our guess is that this is a dual SIM phone and, as you can see, it uses a web browser with an icon that copies Internet Explorer. The product goes for $117, too much if you ask us…

[via mobilecrunch]

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