As we’ve found out yesterday, Microsoft recently introduced an online app store for its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. Known as the Windows Phone Marketplace, the service should be a rival for the Apple App Store and Android Market. Till then you can see it detailed in the video below:


The Marketplace is accessible from the WP 7 Home screen and allows the user to purchase games, business software, podcasts and much more. You’ll buy apps using carrier billing or credit card and there’s even a try before you buy option in there. Once you select your favorite game, for example, you’ll see its ratings and screenshots taken from it.

The online store’s interface is intuitive and it only takes 2 taps on the handset’s touchscreen to purchase software. After this is done you can add the new app to your Start screen, for easier accessing. Carrier branded stores will also be integrated into the Marketplace.

[via wmpoweruser]

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