did a pretty nice job comparing iPhone OS 3.0 with Windows Mobile 6.5, in areas like screen sharing, search, messaging, widgets, landscape keyboards, web browsers, multitasking and whatnot. While some claim that iPhone OS 3.0 is buggy and slow, Windows Mobile 6.5 is appealing thanks to its finger-friendliness and large program icons.



Many of you might enjoy its honeycomb structure, more elegant and easy to use than on the previous versions of the OS. Another advantage of the new Windows Mobile OS is the standby screen, with its useful keypad lock. This screen shows important info, like the time, scheduled activities, missed calls and more.

Moving on to the iPhone OS 3.0, we find out that the screen still displays 16 icons for various apps, in the order in which they were installed. In the case of a non-jailbroken iPhone there’s the disadvantage of the lack of an overview screen with the latest info, like on the Home screen in Windows Mobile. Looking for upcoming meetings you’ve got scheduled? Go to the calendar… New mails, texts and missed calls? There’s a tiny dot on the associated icon showing those…

For more info on this neverending duel be sure to check the full comparison here.


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