eBay is truly the place where you can find anything and this is confirmed once again by an early iPhone prototype, that is now available for sale on eBay. The device even runs a beta version of the iPhone OS and features a matte plastic screen, instead of the glass one of the production version.



This iPhone’s serial number is YM649xxxxxx, seemingly showing that the handset comes from a factory in China and that it’s been manufactured in week 49 of 2006. The same serial shows that the prototype runs iPhone OS 03.06.01_G, unlike the first sold iPhone that ran version 03.11.02_G.

The seller of this proto-iPhone claims that it makes calls, allows its user to browse website, receive text messages but there’s no way to manually type an SMS on it. There’s also a non-working prototype bundled with the phone, packing a glass screen and showing a couple of scratches.

You can buy both of these handsets for $300, unless Apple decides to remove the items from eBay, just like they did with an iPod prototype sold through an auction house.

[via ilounge]

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