ITG is the same company that put Windows XP on a smartphone and now it’s back, this time with a more bold initiative: putting Windows 8 on a handset. They did it through the xpPhone 2 model, that will bring the Metro UI from Win 8 to the small screen again, but in different flavor from WP7.


xpPhone 2 comes with a 4.3 inch and it’s a pretty bulky smartphone at 17.5mm thickness. The device is expected to go on sale in 2012 and it will run the full desktop OS version of Windows 8 without problems or tweaks. ITG claims that the device sports a 1.6GHz CPU, but it doesn’t mention its type, although Intel Atom is a pretty solid guess.

The handset also has 2GB of RAM, up to 112GB of storage and its battery is capable of 18.5 hours of talktime on a single charge, which is frankly unheard of. It’s pretty strange to see that the physical QWERTY keyboard is missing, especially in slide out form like on the first xpPhone. I’m really curios to see if the handset is capable of running the new OS without issues. I’m guessing that the price will be high…

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