John’s Phone is another one of those easy to use, simplistic handsets, that are great for the elderly and people who are not familiar with high tech devices. It comes as an unlocked handset, compatible with prepaid cards and supporting quad band connectivity.


Also, this is an energy-efficient phone, with a 1200 mAh battery, that provides 3 weeks of standby time and can be charged using an USB port. John’s Phone uses an integrated antenna, supports speed dial (10 numbers, one for each number key) and its ringtone is pretty loud, while the vibration is used for all settings.

If you want to get a closer look at this unit, there’s a hands on/unboxing video after the break. An interesting twist to having an address book is actually using a physical one, a flap, with an address book behind it plus a small pen. Hands-free calling is also supported on this device, that weighs 95 grams.

Last, we learn that the device is resilient and water-resistant. The basic version of John’s Phone costs around 70 EUR.

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