We’ve just found out from Mobilissimo.ro that the guys of XDA have done it again, offering an unlocked version of the official Last.fm app for Android. This one is version 1.9.7, with a workaround that allows international paid subscribers enjoy their music on their handsets and listen to the radio even if they’re outside of the US, UK and Germany.


I have to remind you that this is only for paid subscribers outside the UK, US and Germany and this is not for listening to the radio without having to pay a subscription. You can download the app from here, if you want to give it a go. I must mention that if you have the official version of the Last.fm app from Google Play you should uninstall it manually before installing the custom version. In case you don’t know, the Last.fm service is free for users in the UK, US and Germany, that’s why they’re out of the question here.

Users in other countries require a subscription to use the radio service (3 euros a month after a 50 track free trial). With a service of dozens of millions of users, it would be a pity not to have the full functionality of Last.fm on your Android device, right?

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