Layar is a name you should be familiar with, specially since the company is the one providing a great augmented reality service and application, available on the iPhone and Android handsets. The firm has just launched an augmented reality content store, too, allowing companies and developers to make money by offering their content through Layar Reality Browser.


Right now, Layar Reality Browser is used on more than 1.6 million mobile devices worldwide, so the market potential is huge. Payments will be done via the Layar Payment Platform, supporting multiple currencies and payment providers (PayPal among them).

The first companies that provided content for the store are Berlitz City Guide, eTicketapp for Disney World and Disneyland, Eyetours and UK sold prices. If you’re a publisher looking to make a buck, you should know that Layar takes a 40% cut.

[via intomobile]

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