In the past few months we saw some companies that decided to change something in 2015. While some producers changed the way they design phones, other had in mind a different approach. Such a company is Lenovo, producer that recently revealed its new logo that will be found on several devices, from phones, to tablets and notebooks.



Thew new logo that can be found above was designed by Saatchi & Saatch New York, and the idea behind it is to offer a more confidence to consumers. As you can see, the old italics letters have been replaced now with a more flat font that looks modern.

lenovo old

From what we get to know through David Roman, Lenovo’s Marketing Chief, it seems that the new logo was design based on the box concept which can be easily edited in order to add new colors, materials, pictures or even videos in commercials. Looking once again at the new logo, we could not notice that the “E” letter remember us a little of Internet Explorer symbol. What do you think?

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