After yesterday’s HTC handset with a 16MP camera and WP7 on board, today it’s LG’s turn to leak a device with the same OS, only upgraded. Turns out that the LG E700 will be available with the Mango flavor of WP, complete with Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, that was detailed last week during MIX11.


The details come from the .xml file shown above, that don’t reveal much about the device, except for the name, screen resolution (480 x 800 pixels) and web browser (IE9). Is the E700 one of the first Mango WP7 devices out there, or just another one scheduled for upgrade after being launched with the standard version of the OS?

Last we heard, Mango was coming in August/September, so there’s a long wait ahead of us, but maybe more leaks will help…

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