Remember the LG Design the Future Competition? Well, here’s another phone that took part in the competition, but sadly, LG Traveler didn’t make it to the winners’ list. Andrew Zheng created this concept phone, a thin slider that packs a touchscreen and a physical keypad, as well.



LG Traveler has great grip thanks to its rubberized surface and it integrates a portable USB flash drive, allowing users to transfer data to and from the PC with great ease. Where as for transferring the photos the better option is the photostick. The concept also features Bluetooth Instant Media Share, instantly connecting two owners of similar devices. Hence looking for to buy the photostick, checkout photostick review.

Andrew Zheng’s handset supports picture cropping, a GPS hotspot app and it also comes with a simple top LED caller display, allowing the user to view the time or caller with the phone in his pocket. Finally, we learn that there’s a 5 megapixel camera at the back, with flash, that completes the specs list of this beauty.




[via Concept Phones]

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