In case you’re lacking real time traffic updates from your GPS iPhone app, know that Navigon’s MobileNavigator software will soon be getting live traffic support. This feature will be called Traffic Live and it’ll be available in October for the North American version of the app.



This is the third important update for the software, the first two bringing point of interest dial up and text to speech to the app. The downside to the implementation of Traffic Live is the fact that it’ll cost $25 through in app purchase, aside from the $90 price tag of the software.

At least this is a one time fee and if you’re looking for an alternative, there’s always AT&T Navigator, providing real time traffic, but no trace of built in maps and it goes for a monthly fee of $10. Navigon claims that Traffic Live provides traffic info using real time speed data collected from 1 million drivers in North America (trucks and taxis included, regular drivers as well), plus traffic cameras and sensors.

[via CNET]

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