China is the perfect place to find the latest rumors and leaks regarding a yet unlaunched Apple device, such as an iPhone for example. This time we get fresh pictures of the rumored budget iPhone straight from Chinese sources.



The device seems to be both curvy and glossy and it’s only a small part of all the recent leaks regarding that budget iPhone that we’re anxiously waiting for. Two different sources have shown the same handset with the same design, which is kind of odd and may lead one to believe they’re the real deal.

The first image was posted on Weibo just a few hours after the second was posted on the same social network. The handset seems to go back to the days of iPhone 3GS, as far as design goes, with a curved design and this time a ton of gloss. It’s also thicker than the iPhone 3GS and the folks who came in close contact with the budget iPhone claim it has a great feel in the hand. So, what do you think? Genuine or not?


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