The wonderful folks of PPCGeeks posted a hack that allows you to add TV out functionality to your HTC Touch Pro. All you need is the original multi-adapter that came with the device and an iPod 3.5mm AV cable found here.



You’ll just have to plug the iPod AV cable into the 3.5mm port of the multi-adapter and then plug the latter in the handset. Afterwards, you’ll have to set the registry entry to a value of 1: \HKLM\Software\HTC\H2W\TVOutCableIn and you’ll see the Video Out format selection popping out.

Choose the right format for your display or TV and the image will appear bright and clear on the screen of your choice. If you disconnect the multi-adapter, the value of the registry entry goes back to being 0. For more info on this hack and a couple of downloadable .CAB files you might need, click the link below.


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