Are you the jealous boyfriend type? Or the suspecting company bigshot who doesn’t trust employees? If you are, then we’ve got the perfect gadget for you, provided that you’re willing to risk a privacy breach lawsuit.


PLM-JNGSMTX08 is a tiny gadget meant for spying people and it uses a SIM card plus a great digital sound processor, but for more info there’s always the video below:

The “little spy” covers an unlimited distance, measures only 43 x 34 x 17 mm and packs a battery that lasts 6 days in standy mode and 6 to 8 hours in listening mode.

This device is quad band compatible and it can be considered the smallest GSM transmitter to date. You’ll just have to insert the SIM in it and call its number to listen to everything that happens around the little gizmo.  More accessories and details regarding the device can be found by clicking the link below.


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