MediaTek has big plans for 2015, that include advancing to the 20 nm production process for its tablet and mobile processors. Their new CPUs will also bring support for LTE Category 6, among others.



The roadmap shows a busy 2015, including 64 bit MT6753 processors, the MT6735 and MT6735M, as well as the octa core MT6753 ARM Cortex A53 unit. The 6735 ones are quad core units with the difference between then being the clock level. Aside from 64 bit products in the roadmap, we’re expected to get 3G products, like the MT6580 and MT6570, two ARM Cortex A7 units.

The high end chipsets will have to wait for Q4 to get a a release, including 20 nm 64 bit chipsets, from the MT67xx series. Those will get LTE Category 6 and Carrier Aggregation support. From the looks of it, MediaTek is lagging behind Exynos and Snapdragon units a bit, but if you look at the recent benchmarks of a certain Meizu model, they’re doing quite fine with what they have.

via Chinese vr zone

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