This week has been all about the MeeGo Conference 2010, the first event of its kind, revealing the future of the platform. Now, we learn some details about the hardware specs of the future devices based on MeeGo, that will require a minimum of 512MB RAM and 600MHz+ ARM V7 CPU to run.


An alternative is the x86 processor segment (Snapdragon, A4, OMAP, ST U5400) and the minimum hardware list continues with 512MB internal ROM and GSM/HSPA. Apparently, CDMA will only be supported starting version 1.3 and since we’ve mentioned it, we’ve heard that MeeGo 1.2 will be released in April 2011, while the 1.3 software will launch in October 2011.

Just like Android, MeeGo will have a 6 month release cycle between versions and the latest info says that MeeGo 1.2 will include increased QML use in apps, a  backup restore mechanism, Office document viewers and security features. No screen resolutions have been made public yet!

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