A year ago the Nokia flagship phone codenamed McLaren was still leaking on the web and with it appeared rumors of a new 3D navigation system on Windows Phone devices. Once the device was cancelled, even more details got out, regarding a 3D touch Flyout Tile system. Today it gets detailed again, via a leaked document.



The system here is simple: you over a finger over a Live Tile, that will explode into smaller tiles. This is basically the same idea as the one applied to the Zune player, when images related to an artist would explode in the same way. Above you can see the new images that appeared on the web, detailing the visuals of the Flyout process.

Developers with access to the feature could program a Flyout tile to display the latest photos from the timeline once you hovered over a Facebook tile. Also, such smaller tiles could show a contact’s information, via the Hover gesture. These features were already available in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, but only a few developers had access to that.

It’s not very clear if 3D Touch is still coming to Windows 10 or not…

via windowscentral

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