Seems that we’ll see Mozilla’s Mobile Firefox before the end of the year, in its alpha stage, according to John Lilly, Mozilla CEO. The browser bears the code name of Fennec and it’ll have to go against popular software like Opera Mini or Apple’s Safari.


Word on the street is that we’ll see the full version of Firefox for Mobile released in 2010, probably ready to break download records again.

We’ll see an open source initiative accompanying Fennec, so things will surely kick off, hopefully earlier than 2010. The good news for Mozilla is that Microsoft cancelled their Deepfish project, destined to be the next big thing in the world of mobile browsers, sticking instead to Interner Explorer.

Since uber-smartphones like the HTC Touch HD will come with Opera Mini preloaded, Mozilla should start looking for partners right about now and their open source idea should drive many great names to their side.

[via Intomobile]

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