Here’s another leak branded @evleaks, involving some Moto X units with wooden backs, yet another step in the big customization process of the much talked about smartphone.



Previously Moto CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that the wooden back Moto X was coming very soon, but without saying an exact time frame. @evleaks has published these pics on his Twitter account and boy do these handsets look gorgeous. There’s a Verizon logo on back, as you can see and at least there’s no trace of 4G LTE logo, to mess up that beautiful wood.

Although odds are that this is natural wood, with all the current eco friendly movement going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some sort of imitation. As usual, the specs of the Moto X stay the same and by the time the wooden back handset launches Android 4.4 should be available on it as well.

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