Motorola has just made an important step towards becoming an important player among the Android OS adopters, by launching advanced development resources for this operating system. The company’s resource bundle is called MOTODEV and it includes a new App Accelerator Program and MOTODEV Studio, for Android Beta.



MOTODEV provides developers with early access to all the needed tools and software and there’s even a special event for the specialists, the MOTODEV Summit, that’ll take place in San Diego, on October 6. All of these initiatives are meant to accelerate the development of the Android apps and specialized software for Moto’s Android devices.

The App Accelerator Program will allow some developers to submit their software to Moto for distribution via carrier stores, Android Market and third parties. Developers will have access to tools, tech specs, documentation, support, upcoming Moto devices (test and debugging) and huge market exposure.

[via Motorola]

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