Boost Mobile and Motorola have just made available a trio of mid-range handsets: Motorola Clutch  i475, Motorola Theory and Motorola i412. These are affordable models with non-contract wireless service and unlimited monthly plans.

Motorola Clutch can be seen as some kind of walkie-talkie, working on Nextel Direct iDEN networks and connecting to contacts at a single button push. Thread messaging is also available on this model, that comes with a QWERTY keyboard.

Motorola Theory is a model with a premium design, that’s available as a Sleek and Sophisticated unit, again packing a QWERTY keyboard and a 2.4 inch color QVGA screen. Threaded messaging is once again present, as well as instant messaging and web browsing.

And finally, there’s Motorola i412, a tiny handset with big battery (1130 mAh), that will provide up to 3.4 hours of talk time and 4 days of standby. Java apps and games will be available on this model. Will you get one of the three?

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