With Motorola Xoom selling poorly according to a couple of industry sources, it was only logical that Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette announced the reduction of Motorola’s revenue estimations. Thus, Motorola Mobility is expected to gain $12.12 billion this year, down from $13.7 billion and the Atrix smartphone also “helped” with this.


The same analyst lowered the revenue estimations for 2012 as well, down from $15.34 billion to $13.62 billion. Xoom can’t compete with the cheap iPad 2, that’s for sure, while the Atrix 4G is also expensive, well not only the device, but also the dock that makes it so cool. Plus, this dock even requires a data plan which is unappealing for many.

We feel the need of a new Moto Droid to save the day…

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