If you haven’t bought that Vertu Boucheron handset already, there’s a Motorola Aura handset waiting for you at your local store, at a price of $1,999.99. The luxury device features the world’s first circular display with 300 dpi resolution a scratch-resistant 62 carat lens and stainless steel housing that’s got chemical etchings.


The Swiss also got involved in making Aura, specially in the rotating blade mechanism, which features 130 precision ball bearings. This complex Motorola beauty has, in all, over 700 individual components, including nickel-chrome-plated screws, while at the outside you’ll notice the mirror polish finish with PVD coating, as the finishing touch.

Passing to the specs, Aura doesn’t seem so impressive any more: quad-band EDGE, 2 megapixel camera, 2GB of internal memory and… available unlocked.

[via Intomobile]

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