Courtesy of the Moto E model, Motorola has become India’s fourth biggest smartphone vendor, after besting Nokia. The evolution was marked for Q2 2014, when Moto became more popular than Nokia/Microsoft on the Indian market.



Traditionally India is a market that Nokia wants to control, since they launch a lot of exclusives locally, special services, apps and offers. A few months ago Motorola announced it had shipped 6.5 million smartphones globally in Q1. During that time they moved about 379k units in India. They didn’t reveal the shipments for Q2 just yet, but I expect them to be impressive. The Canalys report however mentions 955,650 units shipped during the past 3 months.

Microsoft/Nokia only managed to move 633,720 handsets in that time frame, so they are left on the fifth spot. Samsung, Micromax and Karbonn remain the top 3 sellers of smartphones in India. Sony was fourth in Q4 last year, but it has been pushed back to a lower position. Moto G and Moto E should take credit for the growth, with the latter being priced even better than Lumia 520 in India.


Via fonearena

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