Since Droid is days away from getting launched, we might as well go out and compare it to the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, as far as the total cost in concerned. The duel between handsets and their prices easily turns into a duel of carriers, a three way competition between Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.


The folks of BillShrink have provided the excellent comparison table below:


Turns out that the Droid and iPhone 3GS cost the exact same price in the long run, while the Pre is cheaper, although it has its drawbacks (fewer apps, less internal memory, no voice commands). Meanwhile, getting the Moto Verizon Droid with an unlimited plan will mean paying $3,799 over a 2 year period, but this handset has some strong points, to be honest.

For example, Droid outperforms the iPhone 3GS and Pre when it comes to talk time, camera quality and multitasking.

[via Phandroid]

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