If you’re the kind of enterprise handset user that takes his business to the jungle, you might require a rugged phone. This is the case of the new Motorola MC55A0 rugged WiFi phone series that includes the MC55A0 model and the M55A0-HC. The first is meant for customer-facing business apps, while the second is for healthcare.

Motorola MC55A0-HC comes in white and blue and is disinfectant-ready. The devices support voice and data via WLAN, they feature a 3.5 inch PenTile VGA display and encryption protocols for Virtual Private Networks. These handsets uses 256MB RAM, 1GB Flash memory, a microSD card slot and a Marvell PXA320 chip @ 806MHz.

The OS of choice is Windows Mobile 6.5 and Bluetooth 2.1 is also among the features. More data about the phones can be found in the video below.