A lot of big papers and magazines from USA will run the ad you see below today and this ad is meant to tease the upcoming Moto X Phone. We knew about the Motorola X Phone or Google X Phone for months now, but so far all we got was a confirmation of its existence from Moto’s CEO, a month ago.



Now, the teaser claims that this product will be highly customizable (designed by you) and assembled in USA. It also invokes patriotic feelings, since tomorrow is the 4th of July after all. The handset is coming soon, but there’s no telling when. Considering all the patriotic talk in the ad, I wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola launched the smartphone tomorrow, during celebrations.

It wouldn’t be an inspired move, since all the bloggers and journalists would be on holiday and they would miss the big launch. Customization seems to be the key word here and I expect removable cases, maybe that Droid RAZR system that allowed you to preset your actions, but this time in a more evolved fashion. Hopefully, this product won’t be canned, like the previous Google unit made in USA, the Nexus Q.


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