Many consider this the surprise of the day, so here it is, folks: Nokia and Intel have announced their partnership in creating the MeeGo open source software platform, based on Linux. This initiative merges Maemo OS and Intel’s Moblin OS.


The cooperation of the two brands was announced back in 2009 and MeeGo is its first result. Following the Android example, this platform is totally free and it’s compatible with many hardware architectures on very different devices, ranging from tablets, to netbooks, smartphones in-car multimedia systems and high spec TVs.

The Linux Foundation backs MeeGo, that includes the Qt app development environment and borrows the best features of the Moblin core OS. Qt will allow developers to create software for MeeGO and then port them to Symbian and vice-versa.

You should also know that the apps for this platform will be available via the Ovi Store and that this software provides multitasking, hot looking graphics and Internet features. Here’s a video showing Intel VP Doug Fisher and Nokia VP Ari Jaaksi talking about MeeGo:

[via IntoMobile]

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