Twitter is so big now, that even trees use it. We’re not delirious from the countless hours of MWC 2011-based lack of sleep, but just telling you what we saw in Barcelona. At the Ericsson booth there was a tree able to provide feedback to the people passing by via tweets.


This Twitter Tree can sense changes in the electromagnetic field around it, all based on sensor integration with folks moving around. The result of the changes is a series of tweets that show the plant’s mood. The Twitter account of this tree is @ConnectedTree and feel free to join in on this little green fellow experience.

This tree is connected to a gizmo that detects motion and everything that’s gathered by the plant then passes through an analysis engine and forwarded to the Twitter machine. Lights and sounds are also used as feedback and the tree even keeps track of your people’s touches. More info over here and in our clip!

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