MyTouch Slide is coming to T-Mobile in mid-June for $149, as some recent online rumours have confirmed. Apparently, the handset will sport this pricing with a 2 year contract, but without it, you’ll either pay $23 dollars a month of $399 outright, if you want to get rid of a monthly payment.


This pricing is pretty good, considering that MyTouch Slide is a quality Android device with a sliding keyboard. What we must mention is that T-Mobile is the only important US carrier that allows customers to finance a phone, which is pretty cool. This is no HTC EVO 4G or Droid Incredible, by any means, but it’s still a nice device, with its customized Sense UI and useful tweaks.

With Samsung Galaxy S also coming to T-Mobile USA, it will be pretty tough to choose what to buy this summer.

[via IntoMobile]

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